Mike | Day 3 | Can Never Bring Me Down

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2 thoughts on “Mike | Day 3 | Can Never Bring Me Down”

  1. Day 3—congrats! I love how you mention that the Latter-day Morning routine is a vehicle to take us to our own personal goals. Indeed , modules can be added or switched depending on one’s mood or even the day’s goals and events.

    That being said however, I wonder if there is a vehicle (routine) that is better than all other vehicles? Of course, this is just me talking out loud, but there’s no reason why we all can’t find the Ferrari of all morning routines. Don’t worry, I’ll do the experimentation and find it!

    (And with THAT being said, I think it’s fine to drive other cars some days. You can’t always drive a Ferrari… 😛 )

  2. Her ideas sound great,but do#87&21n;t over do it with the blogging thing, you don’t want to burn yourself out.And besides, the most important thing is for her to be a child as long as she can.

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