65 brilliant quotes to motivate you to write in a journal

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2 thoughts on “65 brilliant quotes to motivate you to write in a journal”

  1. I realized on my mission that the scriptures are really just a collections of writings from prophets journals. On top of that, we get more clarity and understand more context the closer the timelines get to our own. So really we benefit twice from keeping our own journal and we actually know the other stuff that happens on the side that doesn’t get written down. All around it should be of immense value to us.

    Loved the quotes btw, lots of good inspiration to do better.

    1. Steve! Thanks for your comment. You make an awesome point in saying that the scriptures are basically just the journals of the prophets.
      After thinking more about what you wrote, it dawned on me that the prophets wrote their words because 1) they were either commanded to and/or 2) because they were moved by the Spirit.
      If we compare this to our own personal journals, 1) we are also commanded to write, and 2) we can live our lives in a way that we can always enjoy the guidance of the Spirit and also write while we are under the influence of the Spirit—so in a sense, we are writing our own scriptures.

      Journals are awesome, aren’t they?

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