Day 10 | Adding music into the mix

Wake up. Try not to wake anyone as I stumble out of bed. It’s been ten days, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t in the least bit tired. But as I make my way to the living room, I’m comforted to know that I prepared everything the night before. This thought alone helps me wake up a little bit more. Also today, I’ll be trying something new. I’m going to add music and see how it shapes my morning. Continue reading “Day 10 | Adding music into the mix”

Day 9 | Tidying the home

“Happy wife, happy life” the saying goes. Throughout my still relatively young married life, I’ve found this saying to be true time and time again. This morning routine has changed not only my life, but my wife’s. Now that I feel successful and accomplished even before she wakes up, I am now ready and eager to be more focused around the home. This in turn makes my wife happy, which fills our entire home with love and peace. Continue reading “Day 9 | Tidying the home”

Day 1 |Liberation – the beginning of the Latter-day Morning

For the past year I have been a prisoner. I have been woken up at early hours of the morning, against my will and have been forced to travel as long as 2 hours under conditions of extreme heat and cold, rain, snow, and ice. I was deprived of sleep and my health deteriorated. I was a mess. But, thank goodness, I was freed, and now I can write to you today. Continue reading “Day 1 |Liberation – the beginning of the Latter-day Morning”